Reiki Energy Healing Therapy

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'Just had the most amazing reiki session at Zing Organics, can’t recommend it enough, I feel totally relaxed, revitalised and very zen!! Thank you Kirsty 💕xxx' - Nikki
'Fantastic experience.' - Betty
Thank you sooo much for that amazing session. I'm buzzing and it was JUST what I needed xxx' - Jo 

Snuggle under the cosy coverings on our luxury treatment bed and allow your cares and troubles to drift away during a Reiki session with me Kirsty - founder of Zing Organics  

You will likely feel very floaty and chilled after a treatment, so it's a good idea to have set time ahead that day simply to relax. I’d suggest you do not have a long drive ahead of you or a busy schedule planned. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. 

Distant Reiki can be booked to allow Universal energy to work with you at a remote location, indeed you can 'receive' distant Reiki in any part of the globe. 

I qualified as a Reiki Master in Glasgow in 2007.

During Reiki you are fully clothed and the treatment is conducted largely hands off. Reiki practitioners are attuned to channel the flow of Universal Energy/Chi/Prana to the client to clear blockages and balance the Chakras.

Treatment time - 40 minutes.

Reiki will flow where it's needed at a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Clients will often report feeling 'waves of warmth' and entering a dream like state, and often gain clarity or 'messages' about how to resolve problems or improve their quality of life. While I do not regard myself as a medium, I invariably pick up certain information which can provide comfort or direction for my clients.

With the consent of my clients I usually invoke the help of the angel or archangel most suited to helping my client on the day. I also, again with the consent of my client use a beautiful set of crystals to amplify healing by placing these strategically on the energy nuclei or chakras of the body - also using a crystal wand to help balance the chakras.

After the treatment I will offer you a glass of water with a slice of fresh lemon. I strongly advise drinking a generous quantity of water or non caffeinated herbals teas in the hours to follow to aid detoxification.

After the therapy I will offer to draw an oracle card to help answer any questions you may have. You do not need to reveal those questions - simply think them or write them down on a piece of paper. The card's wording, illustration or accompanying interpretation always prove quite illuminating! 

Book your session by emailing me on or text me on 0797 2280029. 

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