Botanically Sourced Aromatherapy Candles

Our candles are composed purely of sustainable plant based waxes, and pure essential oils as fragrances. Nothing else added. Most 'natural' 'eco' candle brands use natural plant waxes with synthetic fragrances or 'fragrance oils' to scent their candles. These synthetic fragrances are linked with a wide number of deeply concerning health conditions and further, they devastate our fragile eco system. A Zing Organics Candle is the real deal and we use only entirely nature sourced ingredients. These are vastly more expensive to source and are complex to work with - a true artisan process with over 20 years of know how is involved. Our Candles, wax, pure essential oil fragrance blends, handling and storage equipment have all been extensively independently purity tested by the Chemistry Clinic at Strathclyde University - successfully with whom we proudly have a close on going collaborative partnership. We believe we're the only home fragrancing brand to have embarked upon such a project to ensure we are offering purist products with true holistic well being potential.

We offer a no quibble replace or refund service on all products - whatever the reason. Our goal is for you to derive the ultimate enjoyment and well being from using our products which have been made with integrity and love for you.