Collagen Boosting Marine Facial

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'Ahhh! That was wonderful! I've really missed it.' - Jane K

'Had an incredible facial with Kirsty. I felt so deeply relaxed and cared for. Thank you Kirsty 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼' - Keri

'Thank you Kirsty for my fabulous massage today. I absolutely loved it and my skin feels and smells great.' - Irene

'Thank you very much, the facial was amazing and my skin just feels so soft and cleansed.' - Jane S

'I didn't want it to end.' - Barbara


y now and again. Snuggle under the cosy coverings on my luxury treatment bed and allow me to indulge you with a luxurious collagen boosting marine facial using products formulated by myself and made lovingly on the premises.

You will likely feel floaty and chilled after a treatment, so it's a good idea to have set time ahead that afternoon or evening simply to relax.

Please contact me to arrange your appointment on or text me on 0797 2280029. Otherwise why not spoil someone you love with a Gift Voucher for this fabulous treatment? 

COLLAGEN BOOSTING SEAWEED FACIAL - 40 minute treatment time. 

I, Kirsty (Founder of Zing Organics) will spoil you and your skin with a lavish rejuvenating facial to deliver plump, hydration and a youthful glow as you allow yourself to decompress emotionally. The treatment is carried out clothed (wear loose and comfy) yet I suggest you wear a loose fitting strappy top or a bra so I can access the décolleté neck and shoulders. I have freshly laundered stretchy crop tops on hand if you prefer to use one of these.

Aromatic Spritz: To awaken your senses I spritz your face, neck and décolleté with our Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist in Organic Bulgarian Rose.

Using gemstone Gua Sha massage tools I will gently prime the lymphatic system to carry off toxins, cellular waste and excess fluid during your treatment.

Light Cleanse: Light strokes are applied strategically to the face with our Collagen boosting Eco Marine Algae Facial Cleansing Masque in Seaweed, Lavender and Scottish Highland Pine. The aroma is redolent of the brisk smell of the seashore on a pristine deserted Atlantic beach. A mild exfoliating effect is delivered due to the faint grain of the Organic Shea Butter. The cleanser is removed with a warm and super soft bamboo flannel (brand new and you get to take it away afterwards) in delicate sweeping motions.

A short relaxing and grounding décolleté, shoulders and neck massage using one of the Zing Organics Organic Body Oils most suited to your skin type and nose will follow. 

I then gently exfoliate the facial skin using a freshly made sugar scrub exfoliant or konjac sponge best suited to your skin type.

Next up in a deep cleanse, I apply a thicker layer of our Eco Marine Algae Facial Cleansing Masque which will be left for several minutes to allow the glorious nourishing and hydrating ingredients to penetrate the epidermis. I'll apply local honey to the lips to heal, soften and hydrate and cotton discs dipped in organic chamomile floral water upon your closed eyes to soothe and tackle any redness. swelling or irritation.

Whilst the masque is being absorbed, you will be offered a hand and arm massage using one of our Organic Body Oils best suited to your skincare needs and 'nose' in terms of aroma accord. I may use a Kansa Wand to enhance the benefits of this massage. 

The hot wet Super Soft Flannel in Bamboo is then pressed to the face gently to remove and excess stickiness from the Eco Marine Cleansing Masque.

Tone and Brighten: Our Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist is now spritzed over the face, neck and decolletage to gently tone the skin and deliver radiance.

Moisturise: Intense moisture is applied with a choice of our Organic Facial Serums depending upon your personal skincare requirements and 'nose' in terms of aroma accord.

Gua Sha gemstone tools in Moonstone or Jade are used to help with skin cell proliferation and to tone sagging areas and reduce puffiness. 

A glass of water with lemon will be provided at the close of the treatment. I strongly advise drinking a good quantity of water or non caffeinated herbals teas in the hours that follow to aid detoxification.

A patch test of all key products 48 hours prior to your treatment is available on request.