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As we make our own products on the premises at Zing Organics, we're able to offer a refills service at 20% off RRP in our Workshop. This is also available by mail order. Send a few jars or bottles back at a time and we won't charge return shipping costs. If you're sending empties back - add products as normal to your basket on our online store and use code  - SENDREFILL for 20% off.

Please don't clean your skincare products out as we don't want water mixing with the natural oils waxes and butters as this might cause bacterial build up. Occasionally a new pipette or pump insert for your products may be required and these will be provided happily free of charge.

A lot of our customers don't want to run out of products for even a day or two, so we have a holding station for 'go between' bottles and jars (which are named) meaning you still have a few measures at home until you get your fresh refill back. We date these bottles and jars to make sure they're refilled within a reasonable lifetime or they are then cleaned and reused or recycled by us depending on the product.


Where you are refilling candles we may give you a fresh candle there and then so you don't have to wait for a refill to be made up and we will use your glassware pretty much straight away thereafter. If you need a new lid it will be provided but a candle lid usually lasts for a long time. On your initial candle purchase we offer £1 off your candle if you don't want a lid. Not available in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

If you are an on line customer and purchasing a product as a repeat purchase we'll offer 10% discount - using code ANDAGAIN. We know when you gather a few jars or bottles you'll either reuse, recycle them or send them back for refills.

In the majority of cases we use reused inner and outer packaging that we've received back from our customers, our suppliers and a number of generous local retailers including the pharmacy who give us the bubble bags and boxes that the pharmaceuticals arrive in. We use pristine eco inner and outer packaging in the case of gifts being sent.

Our Samples go out in fully branded glassware that can be refilled like any normal bottle or glassware in situ or by mail order.

We trust our refills initiative reflects our avid commitment to ensuring minimal impact on our precious and fragile eco system whilst offering an incentive to and appreciation for our loyal customers.

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  • Hello,

    A couple of years ago, after visiting, I made several orders for spritzaromas … I’m looking to order more, but can’t find them on the website: are they discontinued? Thanks!

    Simon on

  • Hey,

    I am looking to create a seasonal bespoke soy wax candle, for launch in the beginning of August 2021.

    I’m doing the project with a ceramicist friend and we will be making the ceramic pots for the candles and so I will just be looking for the naked inserts.

    Like so:

    The idea is that the candle has autumnal scents – Sandalwood, woodsmoke, etc.

    And then we would love to get a new set made for Winter 2021 and would like to order those naked inserts again as a replacement, avoiding people buying a new pot each time!

    Is this something you would look at doing? The order size would be 100 x naked candles to start.

    Let me know if it is of interest and perhaps we could have a chat on the phone.


    Arabella on

  • Last year we were lucky to visit your lovely shop on our tour of the west coast. we purchased some products including spritzaroma +pillow mist ‘the spa’ we would like to purchase more is this available?
    Regards Paula +Stuart

    Paula wright on

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