Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist of Organic Bulgarian Roses

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100% Natural 

100% Botanical


Cruelty Free

Enrichment with an aqueous distillate of organic Bulgarian rose petals, this multi-tasking mist takes you from post-cleanse toning to afternoon skin refreshers and even summertime cooling. It has a barely-there fragrance and is gentle enough to use during pregnancy, but is so effectively anti-bacterial that it can be used to combat breakouts – without stripping the skin. While soothing, it also enhances skin cell proliferation to support healthy ageing, and can even be used on sensitive skins as it is free from the alcohol, preservatives and emulsifiers that can dry the skin or provoke an allergic reaction.

The rose petals in our Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist of Organic Bulgarian Roses are hand-picked at peak rose oil flow before sunrise, when humidity is at its highest, supporting nutrient retention.  


  • Cleanse

  • Tone

  • Hydrate

  • Moisturise

  • Soften

  • Refresh

  • Revitalise

With cleansing and hydrating properties, this dreamy haze of a mist has a pH of 5.7 (which is within the normal pH range of healthy skin) – helping to calm, soften and balance inflamed skin. In aggravated skin conditions, the skin pH is generally too high. So unlike more alkaline toners, this will not only not compromise the natural protective acid mantle of the skin, but it will help restore the correct balance if required. 


Shake the bottle well, then hold 20-30 cm away from the face and spritz the mist over the skin surface. Use as often as required – and even over makeup for a quick refresh. 


Store the bottle in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect – perfect for hot summer days, when you’re on holiday, or simply to conquer those dreadful menopausal flushes!


This delicate rose mist has a subtle aroma yet offers amazing homeopathic therapeutic properties. It is completely free from the naturally occurring allergens found in Rose Essential Oil or Absolutes, which are both regarded as highly allergenic in skincare applications. The Rosy Glow is safe to use in pregnancy, and treats breakouts gently. 

Give this as a gift to your teenage daughter or son to inspire them to embark on a kind skincare regime from the get-go. It’s so simple to use, there won’t be any excuses!


The Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist of Organic Bulgarian Rose comes in a classic apothecary-style amber glass bottle. 

Regular Retail Size: 50 ml*

Large Retail Size: 100 ml

Spa Size: 500 ml

*50 ml equates to approximately 500 mists (100 ml = 1000 mists; 500 ml = 5000 mists)


The Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist is not made in our Tarbert workshop. This is because it has to be produced on the harvesting site shortly after the roses are harvested. To ensure freshness, our supplier passes the product through a UV treatment process prior to dispatch.

For your reassurance, the product has undergone safety assessments by a leading independent Chartered Chemist specialising in skincare products – just as if we'd made it from scratch ourselves.


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'I received this in the monthly hamper (my treat to myself) and was blown away! It smells amazing and I find it so soothing! It's perfection!' - Sarah N 


My Daughter and I love this mist! I use it for toning and as a refresh through the day. We also use it before putting on our (eco marine cleansing) masques. It’s gorgeous!’ - Jo B


‘Love this most. My clients also love it during their facials, lots of comments on the subtle scent.’ - Jacqui B


This is fabulous, instantly freshens my skin, highly recommend.' - Fiona W


'Couldn't wait to try the rose so beautiful...I'm in love!' - Keren C