Artisan Gua Shas and Wands

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Our gemstone Gua Shas and Kansa Wands have been hand crafted for us in our collaboration with ethical brand Leroma Organics in Delhi.

The gemstone Gua Shas are used to help detoxify the skin, create glow, plump and a youthful look. They are also helpful for targeting acupressure points on the face associated with a number of well being goals. You will be surprised how calming and uplifting massage with our Gua Shas can be. 

The Kansa Wand in Copper Alloy Dome with Rosewood Wand is fabulous for facial and body massage - it seems to build up a charge and have energy circulating fabulously. A very unique special gift. 

The effects of facial and body massage using these beautiful items goes way beyond what we can put in words - suffice to say that the ancient Ayurvedic doctrines which bring us these tools have so much to teach us! 

Why not spoil that special person you love with the gift of a gemstone Gua Sha and one of our Eco Marine Cleansing Masques, or one of our Facial Serums? A Kansa Wand would pair well with these product types or one of our Organic Body Oils. We'll happily gift wrap these and place them in a branded bag with a little gift note if desired on your behalf.