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A delightful range of light Room and Pillow Mists composed purely of a blend of sublime essential oils in a natural Hydrolat base. Spritz lightly into your room, onto your pillow, linen and towels, or even into the steam of your shower a few moments before you step into your personal aroma spa! 

The Spa - Relaxing Cardamom, Patchouli and Lemongrass in a Geranium Hydrolat Base (said to smell like a luxury Spa!) The best seller in our Open Door Workshop, and the one to spritz on your treatment bed just before clients arrive in your Spa.

Sleep: Blue Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium. Try keeping your eyes open with this one. The heroine ingredient is Organic Blue Camomile - yes it's truly bluey/green (a bit) in tone! We use Organic Blue Chamomile from Nepal in this blend. It's hugely expensive but we think worth it.

Energising - May Chang in a Geranium Hydrolat Base 

Seductive -  Ylang Ylang and Patchouli - Rose Hydrolat Base 

Memories - Rosemary, Mint and Rose - Rose Hydrolat Base. Devised to evoke the aromas of one's garden for the elderly who may have limited mobility or if very sadly they have to go into residential care. These natural aromas can provide comfort and lift the mood quite rapidly if the individual has had a positive association with these herbs/flowers in the past.

Romantic - Lavender and Geranium - Rose Hydrolat Base. If not sure what to buy a more mature lady, you won't go wrong with this. The aroma reminds her of sultry summer days pottering around her garden.

Meditation - Cannabis Flower (Hemp), Patchouli, Geranium and Lemongrass - Synergistic and harmonious blend of Essential Oils. Ease yourself into meditative mode by spritzing this over your throw and wrap it around you as you settle on your cushion or mat for Meditation. 

Purification - Palo Santo, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang in a Geranium Hydrolat Base.

(Palo Santo and Cedarwood essential oils have been long been central to purification rituals and religious ceremonies the world over. They are often used as an alternative to 'smudging' (burning dried Sage or Cedarwood leaves). Grounding and Spiritual Patchouli and Heavy Floral Ylang Ylang complete and harmonise the blend. Simply glorious! Palo Santo (Holy Wood) or literally the Wood of the Saints is considered to be an adaptogen; i.e. like ginseng it is thought to be able to do what you want it to do. It makes us giggle! We use only Sustainably sourced Palo Santo of Peru or Ecuador.

80 ml or 400 sprays.100% Botanically Sourced Ingredients. Presented in a reusable, recyclable and refillable apothecary style amber glass bottle. Alcohol free. Non pressurised containers. and under 100 ml, accordingly suitable for airline travel and for posting. Vegan Friendly. Cruelty Free. Refills in our studio workshop or by post.

PLEASE NOTE that for purity the product uses an unpreserved (synthetics free) base hydrolat - accordingly please keep an eye on the Best Before date - normally 12 months or so - thanks! 

Formula is entirely free from Synthetics, Petrochemicals, SLS, Phthalates and Fragrance/Fragrant Oils. We use Hydrolats which are free of toxic or irritating preservatives.