Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist of Organic Bulgarian Rose

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This is an aqueous distillate of Organic Bulgarian Rose Petals picked by hand at peak rose oil flow in the mornings when humidity is at it's highest often as early as dawn.
100% Natural. 100% Botanically Sourced. Vegan. Cruelty Free.
50 ml. 500 sprays. Presented in classic apothecary style amber glassware.
Heads up! - This product is made for us - we don't create it in our workshop - it has to be created on site shortly after the roses are picked.
Not all products of this type are equal. Many are sweet and sickly in aroma. This is delicate and many aromatherapists regard this type of product albeit subtle in aroma as possessing amazing homeopathic therapeutic properties. It is entirely devoid of the naturally occurring allergens that one finds in Rose Essential Oil or Absolutes - both regarded as highly allergenic in skincare applications.
Instructions: Shake bottle and lightly mist a good 20 - 30 cm away from the face to:-
Enhance Skin Cell Proliferation - Anti ageing
You may choose to use this product after cleansing or prior to applying a facial serum - provides improved glideability. You can also use it to quickly cleanse and freshen the face prior to the School Run or if rushing off to the early morning Yoga Class. The product has a pH of 5.7 which falls within the range of that of healthy skin, so it won't compromise the natural protective acid mantle of the skin. This helps balance out the pH on aggravated skin conditions where generally the skin pH is way too high - sometimes caused by using skincare products that are too alkaline in the first place. 
You may keep the bottle in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect - perfect to do this in the summer, on holidays or simply to conquer those dreadful menopausal flushes!
So gentle the product is safe for use on children and teens love this product - as its naturally gently anti bacterial, it's great for combating breakouts. A charming gift for your teenage daughter to start her out with purist skincare from the get go - and so easy to use.
The Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist is free of alcohol, preservatives or emulsifiers which can provoke an allergic reaction in sensitive skin types.
To ensure freshness our supplier passes the product through a UV treatment process prior to dispatching it to us.
Even though we don't make this product ourselves, we've still had it successfully assessed for safety by a leading independent Chartered Chemist specialising in skincare products - for your reassurance - just as if we'd made it from scratch ourselves.
Refills are available in our workshop or by mail order.
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