Purification Candle

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'Definitely something special here....I've had a good few of these candles and hate running out, it is so beautiful and unique and now smells like 'home' to me. It seems to smell to what I need it to smell like, sometimes fresh, sometimes musky and spicy. Absolutely adore it.' - Holly


‘My clients are all drifting off...could it be the lovely candle burning brightly...xx’ - Caroline Wilson - Sonas Therapies (Massage) Glasgow.  


'Hi Kirsty , just a quick message to say the candles arrived safe and sound. Both the Purification and Heart Chakra candles are really resonating with me at the moment . Many thanks for your wonderful products.’ - Susan

All Botanical Candle in a Pure Essential Oil aroma blend of Palo Santo, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang. Available in two sizes.

Aroma Notes: Soft Musky Woods/ Sweet Woods/ Rich Earthy/ Heavy Powdery Floral.

Palo Santo and Cedarwood Essential Oils are renowned for assisting in purification; emotional and spiritual, and often used as an alternative to 'smudging' (burning dried Sage or Cedarwood leaves). Grounding and Spiritual Patchouli and Heavy Floral Ylang Ylang complete and harmonise this opulent blend. Simply glorious!

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) - Spanish for Wood of the Saints is one of the most amazing Essential Oils we've ever experienced. Used way back from Incan times it's now a staple in purification ceremonies the world over. It helps create a tranquil atmosphere and is perfect to inhale as part of a positive intention setting ritual. Aromatherapists regard it as nerve calming - it helps steady and deepen the breath. It's also powerfully anti bacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory and immune boosting - perfect to use to combat flus and colds.

We use only Sustainably harvested Wild Crafted Palo Santo of Ecuador - of a sublime quality. 

Presented in Apothecary Style Glass Amber Glassware. Two sizes: -

Approximate burn time: 12 or 20 hours.

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