Organic or Cologne Making Workshop

Regular price £27.50

Join our Founder - perfumer Kirsty in her groovy artisan workshop for a unique traditional oil based perfume making workshop. You will be able to select your personal top, middle and base notes from Kirsty's fabulous collection for your own creation. Kirsty has the experience of years of organic perfume making to be able to advise on which pure essential oils are safe and in what proportion.                      

Enjoy an intimate and absorbing aromatic experience with loved ones. The workshop is also perfect as a team building event as it unites all different age groups, backgrounds interests and cultures.

If the weather is fair we might even host the workshop al fresco! Your choice of coffee tea or a complimentary glass of fizzy will be served up! 

Price given is per person. Minimum number of persons - two. Maximum group size - six persons.