Oracle Card Experience

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So many of my Reiki Clients have enjoyed their single Oracle Card Reading at the end of their Reiki treatment with ‘goosebumps’ as to the relevance, that I’m now offering a separate sitting for a three card reading. 

We can sit privately in our therapy room for our session. You will be able to decide personally which of my selection of Oracle decks we’ll work with. I have a few 😉.   

So often messages provide encouragement and gentle nudges in the right direction when you are at the crossroads.

You can also ask me three Yes/No questions, and I’ll use my beautiful green pendulum or my fabby copper divining rods to help me find the answers. 

You will also be invited to select a small gemstone from my private stash to keep forever, and together we can interpret its healing properties. 

The sitting is for entertainment purposes only and should not form the basis for important decisions in life. 

30 minutes is allocated per sitting.