Eco Marine Algae Facial Cleansing Masque

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A sumptuous ethically crafted collagen boosting facial cleansing masque to soften and plump up your skin. 97% Certified Organic Ingredients.

In a heavenly aroma blend of Seaweed, Pine and Lavender to enhance your daily ritual. Aroma Notes: Marine/Mossy/Sweet Woody/Green Floral. 

Not all seaweeds are equal. We've gone to great lengths to source a seaweed extract with demonstrable collagen boosting function devoid of toxins often associated with seaweeds. Additionally we've sourced another mineral and vitamin rich, toxin and allergen free seaweed extract to provide an authentic and compelling scent of the sea. A bundle of other fabulous all natural ingredients work in synergy with these two. Formulated to efficiently plump up, soften and soothe the delicate facial area including neck and decolletage. No nasty preservatives often associated with spa marine extract alternatives available on the market. We use carbon neutral Italian Cylindrotheca Fusiformis Extract to deliver the active function and add a trace of French Fuscous Vesiculosis Extract to impart the fabulous 'smell of the sea' - a brisk salty and mossy aroma which transports you instantly to a walk on a deserted pristine Atlantic beach!

Only an artisan process could produce a product so potent, as multiple stages of delicate temperature control are involved to ensure the efficacy of the active components. We only make four products per batch.

The Ritual: Take one eighth of a teaspoonful of masque from jar using a wooden spoon provided, and melt between palms and then extend to fingertips. In upward sweeping movements apply the balm lightly over decolletage, neck and face. Leave on one full minute. Meantime prepare very warm flannel (not boiling) by dipping in very hot water. Hold the flannel over a sink dripping an inch or so from neck and face, allowing steam to build up. Then once the flannel has cooled somewhat, dab the face, neck and decolletage lightly with the flannel to remove excess stickiness. At all times we encourage mindful inhalation of the stunning aroma of Bracing Marine Seaweed, Spiritual Scottish Highland Pine and Inspiring Lavender as an important part of the nurturing ritual. Your skin will feel as soft as a baby's bottom! The aroma and skincare function of the product is orientated towards both sexes and the funky branding has this widespread appeal in mind. 


Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Shea Butter

Organic Beeswax


Caprylic/Capric Triclyceride (natural coconut and glycerine derived dispersing agent for active Cylindrotheca Fusiformis Marine Extract)

Cylindrotheca Fusiformis Extract

Fuscus Vesiculosis Extract

Organic Essential Oil of Scottish Highland Pine

Organic Essential Oil of French Lavender.

Presented in a stunning branded amber glass apothecary style jar. A couple of eco miniature wooden spoons are provided so bacteria is not introduced into the jar by placing fingers into the product directly. 30 applications.

Jar dimensions: H 50 mm x D 40 mm. Jar contents weight: 25 g.

Avoid contact with delicate eye area, mucous membranes and broken skin. Not suitable for infant use.