Wholesale Natural Candles, Room and Linen Mists and Organic Perfumes

To our knowledge we are the only UK home fragrancing brand to have sought to gain independent endorsement regarding safety and purity of ingredients and processes. The brand has been positively reviewed in Stella Mag, Natural Health Mag, Green Parent Mag and Mother and Baby Mag. We supply a wide range of all botanical candles, room and linen mists and organic perfumes.

Product featured: Classic Zing One Wick Indulge Candle in an host of euphoric aroma blends. Case Size: 24 units. In a mix of best selling aroma blends.



Solid Perfumes are perfect for travel and security friendly. Product Featured: Aromasoar Solid Perfume in Mini Size (flat pack) available in 4 euphoric aroma blends. 100% Certified Organic Ingredients. Mixed Case of 32 units. Winners of Silver in the Fragrances Category in The Green Parent's Natural Beauty Bible 2017.



We're witnessing massive growth in the market for Yogis and for Mother, Baby and Nursery products which we specialise in. There are few original eco products meeting the demands of the discerning clientele in these specialised fields.

Product featured: Yogi's Chakra Balancing Perfume Oils in 7 stunning Chakra Balancing aroma blends. Case Size: 28 units. 


There's also a sizeable demand  from high end Scottish Tourist Outlets keen to expand their offerings of authentic quality artisan gifts and products made right here in the Scottish Highlands. The fact that their customers know they can at a later time visit our open door workshop makes the the product range all the more appealing. 

Product featured: - Whisky Inspired Candle in Highland Aroma Blend - Cedarwood, Clove and Patchouli. Case Size: 24 units in a mixture of Highland, Lowland and Island aroma blends. The candle is poured into pottery whisky cup hand thrown for us by local potter. The cup can be cleaned and reused forever more as a whisky cup or refilled at our open door studio workshop as a candle.


If you'd like to carry our brand then please contact shop@zingorganics.co.uk or ring Kenneth on 07866 025110. We can arrange for you to receive a trade samples pack with financials/terms as appropriate. Thereafter we'd invite you to our custom devised studio workshop to see your products being made.

White (private label) may be available at our discretion.

Most other eco brands outsource production which means they can't have the same robust controls over their operating procedures. The eco consumer is becoming more savvy and wants every assurance regarding the steps being taken to ensure purity and safety of the end product.