Elevate Body Oil in Mood and Immune Boosting Frankincense with Clementine

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'I highly recommend 'Elevate' Body Oil (in Frankincense with Clementine), a little bit goes a long way. Wonderful to apply after a shower on the arms, legs and feet - lifts the spirits before falling asleep. Well done Zing Organics, this body oil is divine x' - Mireille - Aromatherapist.


'Just out the bath and have slathered Frankincense and Clementine all over Smells awesome! - Sheena


'Clementine - Summer Scent packed in a bottle. I just love it, it brings a smile and makes your day yummy!' - Isabelle 


The best body oils out there! I'd have been lost without these during pregnancy.' - Chiara


'Really love Elevate, one I always go to after my classes and an evening shower 🍊' - Jacqui - Fitness Instructor


I also adore the body oils, my favourite is the Elevate.  I can’t stress just how much I love it, I use it after a shower especially on my feet, the skin on my feet is smooth and hydrated. - Tracy 


‘Frankincense and Clementine, our family body oil, even for the wee one. Thanks Kirsty!’ - Uta 

This Organic Body Oil was formulated by our Founder Kirsty to provide intense hydration to all skin types whilst nurturing Mind Body and Soul. Glorious aroma accord of Sunny and Soothing Clementine married with Spiritual, Deeply Connecting and Grounding Frankincense. Aroma notes: Mouth Watering Orange Citrus/Uplifting Soft Powdery Woods.

Clementine is an anti depressant, boosting the spirits upon inhalation. It is reputedly helpful for tackling adrenal fatigue and insomnia. In skin care terms it scavenges free radicals and is anti inflammatory, and anti microbial (germ busting) - often used to gently treat skin blemishes.

Frankincense termed 'The King of Oils' is one of the Pure Essential Oils most revered by Holistic Doctors and Practitioners the world over. It carries a very high vibrational frequency, is immune boosting and is thought to alleviate a wide number of modern day ailments. It is known to be skin calming and delivers significant skin cell regeneration properties. 

In images see beautiful write up by Caroline Wilson - Health and Beauty Editor at The Glasgow Herald and Evening Times. Caroline is also a practising massage therapist at her West End of Glasgow Clinic Sonas Therapies.

100% Botanically Derived Ingredients.

90% Certified Organic Ingredients.

You won't often see a body oil using base Organic Carrier Oils that are normally reserved for inclusion in high functioning Natural and Organic Spa Facial Products.

So intensely moisturising, you will require only a pipette full or two per application.


Apricot Kernel Oil - Organic

Jojoba Oil - Organic

Squalane (Olive derived)

Pure Essential Oils of:

Clementine Peel - South Africa

Frankincense Resin - Organic of Kenya - Sustainably Sourced

Vegan friendly and Cruelty free.

Presented in Classic Tall Italian amber glassware with new elegant long glass pipette inserts. Please advise if you'd prefer a pump dispenser or a shake top cap dispenser. Spa Sizes will receive a pump dispenser.

Refills available in our open door workshop or by mail order.

Unlocking your Innate Natural Beauty and Nourishing your Soul with me Kirsty of Zing Organics.