Beautific Calm Organic Facial Serum in Calming and Healing Blue Chamomile with Green Mandarin

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'Soothing and moisturising for fragile skin. I love it. And it smells amazing.' - Donna


'I went for a facial last week and the therapist told me she couldn't find one line on my face since I started using this six months ago.' - Lorna 

The title reflects the undisputed beauty enhancing capacity of Chamomile and its soothing calming and healing properties. Perfect for ultra sensitive skins prone to redness, dryness and allergic reactions. Chamomile is also probably the most highly regarded essential oil to tackle anxiety and nervous exhaustion upon inhalation.

We use German (Blue) Chamomile so termed as it is in fact blue in colour! The end product is not blue! Sweet and Zingy Green Mandarin Essential oil balances out the faintly bitter grassy herbaceous note of Chamomile and is also a gentle oil with calming and cheering properties. The serum may be used by day or night and is wonderful for tackling swelling and agitation caused by allergies.
A powerful anti ageing boost is delivered via the seaweed extract active Cylindrotheca Fusiformis to deliver the active collagen boosting function. At the concentration used, tests demonstrate increased collagen synthesis of 17% within three days compared to an untreated sample!
Only 2 - 3 drops are required per application. The 15 ml standard retail size provides approx 300 drops. Texture: A rich feel but leaves no oily residue on skin. Aroma Notes: Fresh Granny Smith Apples.
We had teenagers in mind when devising this product too, as lots of Mums were looking to introduce their children to an holistic and organic skincare regime but keen to find something super gentle and to a younger person's 'nose'.
To Use: Take two or three drops and rub between clean palms and inhale deeply, then press gently into the face, neck and around the eyes. The product will go further if you mist your face beforehand with our Rosy Glow Facial Toning Mist of Organic Bulgarian Roses.
*Organic Apricot Kernel Oil
*Organic Jojoba Oil
*Olive Squalane
*Eco Marine Algae Active Collagen Boosting Extract of Sustainably Harvested Cylindrotheca Fusiformis of Italy
*Pure Essential Oils of Blue Chamomile
*Pure Essential Oil of Organic Green Mandarin.
100% Natural Ingredients
90% Certified Organic Ingredients
Vegan. Cruelty Free.
Presented in classic amber apothecary style bottles. Refills available at 20% off RRP in our workshop or via mail order.
We make no specific therapeutic claims regarding our products themselves. Any properties discussed are those widely held regarding individual ingredients.
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