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It's our view at Zing that most cleansers and moisturisers can't provide effective Healing or Anti Ageing function. One reason for this is that most are water based. Check the ingredients on your product - if the first word is 'aqua' - the main ingredient is water. Water based creams, lotions and serums we feel don't work in harmony with the natural composition of the skin. We feel they slither around the top of the skin and have difficulty doing much more than providing superficial and temporary hydration. They also require a preservative which can easily cause dryness or irritation in sensitive skin types and can even break down the natural protective acid mantle of the skin leaving it prone to infection, thinning of the epidermis and indentations.

At Zing our Facial Cleanser, Serums, Body Oils and Hand and Body Butters are all anhydrous - they're water free - and packed with natural oils, butters and waxes and pure essential oils to work entirely in harmony with the skin. Virtually every ingredient is anti inflammatory and gently anti bacterial - enabling rapid skin healing to kick in. In eczema or psoriasis where we see compromised skin barrier function, an entirely oil and wax based skin care formulation is much more likely to help. These ingredients allow for lasting moisturisation to take place delivering softness and plump surprisingly quickly. The inclusion of wax in all these products ensures the moisturisation is held within the skin longer and this also provides a breathable protective layer from unwanted bacteria, pollutants, harsh winds and and extremely cold weather. And as the products are water free, they go considerably further than most brands on the marketplace which are composed of typically 70% water.

Try for one our Beautific Calm Organic Facial Serum in Calming and Healing Chamomile with Green Mandarin. You may be astonished that you need only a few drops per application - not a couple of full pumps as expected from a water based serum or lotion. The texture is rich with a floaty waxy feel but is entirely non greasy.

Unlocking your Innate Natural Beauty and Nourishing your Soul with me Kirsty of Zing Organics.

Btw that's me, Kirsty, holding a Beautific Calm on one of my fav local beaches - A 'Chleit Beach, Kintyre. You see the Isle of Cara in the distance. A 'Chleit is thought to be Norse for rock as a nod to the massive basalt rock promontory on the beach - our own mini Giant's Causeway!

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