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Zing Strengths
We were excited to be chosen in 2018 by the Marketing Department at Strathclyde University in Glasgow to have a team of their international marketing undergraduates devise a comprehensive new marketing strategy for us. We'd been introduced to the Marketing Department by the Chemistry Clinic at Strathclyde University who carry out extensive purity testing on our behalf.
In their audit the Marketing Works team headed by Dr Anthea Mendes highlighted one of the key Zing Organics' strengths as product quality. They noted a complete absence of negative comments or bad reactions or allergies to the products, compared to other natural brands in social media comments, with Zing having considerably higher than average ratings and reviews on Facebook and Trip Advisor.
We didn't determine the brands that the team compared us to, but the students were looking at Green People, Neal's Yard Remedies and REN Skincare (owned by Unilever).
We know we're not yet perfect and learn more everyday about how to support our valued customers, but we have taken this feedback as huge encouragement for a small but rapidly growing artisan brand. 
As a small company without a substantial budget for promotion and advertising we are hugely reliant on organic growth. This can only happen with customers deriving benefits and enjoyment from using our products and spreading the word to their friends and families. Quality and efficacy of our products is paramount.
Could we say Zing is top of its Class?


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