Teenage Acne

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Medication to treat Acne can cause a number of side effects including over dry and flaky skin, photo sensitivity and mood swings. If you have a teenager with acne it's a hard call - you don't want your child to go around with painful infected boils or long term scarring.

Acne medication often works by stopping sebum production. This is often effective in clearing up spots but usually there are often side effects and some struggle more than others with these as above. 

The general impression is that oil based products will block pores and make things worse, this is rarely the case.

Healthy skin has a protective acid mantle partially composed of sebum. Accordingly if the sebum production ceases, the skin can become too dry and vulnerable to infection. A quality Organic Facial Serum can very often have the effect of balancing sebum production not stopping it. We know that males worry more about acne than women * and that's why our combination Facial Serum + Beard Oil - the Smoothie in Hemp (Cannabis Flower) with Cedarwood and Green Mandarin has been formulated with a powerhouse of anti bacterial and anti inflammatory ingredients. We receive wonderful feedback that it operates to heal acne, minimise scars and shrink open pores. The product will not leave the skin dry but soft, nourished and protected. Only two drops per application for the face is required. The product doesn't have a greasy feel in the slightest.

Our Best Selling Serum, our Velveteen Facial Day Serum in Frankincense with Patchouli and Lime (targeted at both sexes but more popular with women) is an alternative choice for tackling acne and our more recently launched strongly anti inflammatory Budding Beauty in Cannabis Flower with Bergamot and Rose Geranium is a great option as well. Often the choice will come down to aroma preference. Patchouli is strongly anti bacterial and Lime toning and pore closing with Frankincense, the 'King of Oils' famed for it's skin cell regenerating powers (anti ageing and healing).

We're so confident our Organic Skincare Collection can improve the condition of one's skin that we offer a no quibble refund and replace service on all products.

* Marketing Works Report carried out by a team of International Marketing Students at Strathclyde University September 2018 - supervisor Dr Anthea Mendes.


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