Dangers of Parabens in Skincare

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

More and more evidence is rising of the manifest risks of parabens in cosmetics and skincare, in terms of their being carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors, and even implicated in birth defects. Some parabens are still being used in skincare products these days including by so called 'ethical' brands like LUSH. Mostly however, by now, brands have substituted parabens with the industry standard ingredient - phenoxyethanol - in fact in its own safety certificate termed a skin, lung and eye irritant! It’s certainly not an ingredient one would think safe around an infant. Some 'natural' preservatives are just as risky to use, and in fact I come out in a severe skin reaction to a couple of them. 

At Zing Organics we don't use any preservatives in our products as we do not combine oils or butters etc with water, so the formulations do not attract microbial growth in normal usage and storage. This is of course confirmed by the labs that carry out our skincare safety assessments with in most cases a shelf life of 36 months given. A Zing Organics skincare product may cost more ml on ml or gram on gram - but you will very likely conclude you are getting better value and a better outcome in using a non adulterated skincare product - particularly as the finest natural and organic ingredients we can source are used. - Kirsty, Founder, Zing Organics.

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