Cannabis Flower (Hemp) Essential Oil Vs CBD Oil

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For clarity at Zing Organics we use Pure Essential Oil of Hemp which is extracted via low pressure steam distillation from the ancient wild crafted (no agrichemicals) unadulterated Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) crop. There are no new plant hybrids or new style extraction methods involved.
The Pure Essential Oil we use is very low in CBD (so is not classed as a CBD Oil) but instead exceptionally high in the potentially beneficial terpenes such as myrcene and b caryophyllene. We use this ingredient in skincare products and home fragrancing products. Anectodal benefits from our customers include deep relaxation and improved sleep, balancing of the female hormones, healing of a number of aggravated skin conditions and even pain relief. The Essential Oil that we use has been strictly scrutinised for safety. A full chemical analysis of this ingredient which is extracted from pristine Hemp fields in Normandy was exhibited to the labs that approve our products for safety to ensure it is not only contaminant free but also contains only minimal traces of THC - the compound that can cause a psychoactive high. 
I'm often asked why we don't sell Oral CBD products. Its simply not a product type that I like myself, and it is not particularly tightly regulated - so I didn't feel inclined to go down that route. On the other hand I've been acquainted and working with Pure Essential Oil of Hemp (Cannabis Flower) for over 24 years now and happen to feel very comfortable with it and I consider that it has enhanced my own well being in numerous ways. I can't imagine living without it.
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  • Don’t know where i would be without my candles, oils, serums, and big chill drops each product i have has it’s own particular uses and benefits, thank you xx

    Jacqueline White on

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