Hemp - Cannabis - Marijuana - what are the differences?

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Although Hemp and Marijuana may share the same botanical name - 'Cannabis Sativa' - they are in fact completely different! Hemp contains only trace and legal amounts of THC - the psychoactive stuff that makes you high - Marijuana, the recreational drug contains significant amounts of THC. 

In the UK, most Hemp extracts are legal, Marijuana products are generally outlawed. Under very limited circumstances your GP may prescribe Marijuana derived pharmaceuticals.



Hemp Seed Oil is a carrier oil or food supplement derived from the extraction of hemp seeds. It's high in omegas and used as a rich carrier oil by aromatherapists or in food grade as a food supplement to take orally by the spoon or in salad dressings and drizzles.


There are a number of herbal tisanes available incorporating Hemp Seeds, Leaves and Flowers. 


CBD Oils are derived from particular strains or hybrids of Hemp cultivated to be high in CBD. Specialised extraction methods optimise the content of the highly popular compound cannabidiol. It is widely available in oral or dermal (skincare products). We do not use or sell this or use it as a product ingredient at Zing Organics as it's not an area we feel we are knowledgeable in. 


At Zing we use a very different Hemp extract from these three above - we use a costly Pure Essential Oil of Wild Crafted Hemp extracted via low pressure steam distillation of pristine Normandy, France, from the buds and leaves of the original unadulterated ancient crop. This is the nature (God) given original plant - no hybrids or specialised scientific extraction methods are called for. We do not succumb to buying in cheaper essential oils of dubious provenance and quality, as many have been found to be adulterated. Our choice contains only trace (and legal) amounts of THC, but instead and unlike the products mentioned above is exceptionally high indeed in potentially beneficial compounds known as terpenes - see the list below. We have a full chemical analysis of our Hemp Essential Oil which demonstrates the specific amounts of each compound and notably absolutely minimal amounts (trace) of heavy metals, hydrocarbons or petrochemicals. Our Skincare products have been assessed and approved as safe by a leading cosmetic safety specialist chemist.

Kirsty says 'I personally adore Pure Essential Oil of Hemp whether inhaled from our candles etc or absorbed via the skin using our skincare products. It's the lesser known cousin of CBD oil, but gentle and to my mind enjoyable in every way.'

The Pure Essential Oil of Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) that we use in our home fragrancing or skincare products contains a wide range of terpenes - a few of the more significant ones are listed below with the percentages of concentration and potential benefits shown.

Myrcene - 29% - Relaxing, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Antiseptic.

B Caryophyllene - 15% - Sedative - Analgesic (Pain Relief), Anti Spasmodic, Anti Inflammatory, Antioxidant.

Terpinolene - 10% - Sedative, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Antioxidant.

Pinene - 10 % Anti Inflammatory - Eases Asthma - Bronchodilator.

Humulene - 4% - Analgesic (Pain Relief), Appetite Suppressant, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial.

The products containing Pure Essential Oil of Hemp created at Zing Organics are home fragrancing or skincare products so the oil is either inhaled for potential aromatherapy benefits from a burning all botanical candle for instance or inhaled and absorbed dermally (via the skin) in skincare products. We do not sell any products for oral consumption. Although the aroma of Pure Essential oil of Hemp is much more pleasing than Hemp Seed Oil or CBD Oil, it's still a bit herbal on its own. So after years of blending, our Founder Kirsty has married  this ingredient with other sublime essential oils to create harmonious synergistic aroma blends to captivate the senses in our products.

We buy our Pure Essential Oil of Hemp from a trusted specialist supplier that Kirsty our Founder has been sourcing this product from for 20 years. A full chemical analysis is available to all of our customers, trade and individual alike, to demonstrate the actual levels of CBD, specific Terpenes and their concentrations and the absolute minimal amounts of THC and the absence of contaminants. In fact the skincare labs that we use to certify our skincare product formulations safe, quite rightly scrutinise this analysis. These type of skincare assessments may not be required to be undertaken outwith Europe. Our products are not scheduled drugs and accordingly we do not make any specific therapeutic claims.

Whilst products containing hemp extracts are legal in the UK and Europe, they are not necessarily legal in all countries and states, and the individual should check the position before travelling or sending items overseas as gifts.

Find a number of our ever popular hemp derived products at the following link.


Nourishing your Soul with me Kirsty of Zing Organics.

Should you have any further queries, or if you wish to carry our range please contact kenneth@zingorganics.co.uk






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