Fragrance - the Real Deal

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

Most soy wax candles for sale today are marketed as clean burning and environmentally friendly - this is very often not the case - most are fragranced with cheaper 'fragrance oils' which are synthetic and are injurious to you and your families health - they also devastate our fragile eco system.
At Zing we used only 'pure essential oils' which are entirely nature sourced, to fragrance our products which we all handmade by us 100%.
Our customers have the added reassurance that we've had extensive independent purity testing conducted by the Chemistry Clinic at Strathclyde University - successfully - on a wide range of our ingredients and end products. We believe we're the only home fragrancing and skincare company to have engaged in third party purity testing. One can only wonder why this is the case?
So, when our customers say they've never experienced the real 'outdoorsy' 'divine' and 'uplifting' aromas from other candle brands before - there may very well be a good reason!


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