Citrus Oils - Beautifying and Uplifting

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Many customers are concerned that Pure Essential Oils of Citrus Fruits will create allergic reactions or photo sensitivity. However providing we use the right type, quality and concentration of such oils, they are safe to use on the majority of skins and indeed pack a beauty punch. Take Lime Peel for one - provided we use distilled Lime Essential Oil - we choose Certified Organic of India at present - it smells so refreshing - and is uplifting to the soul - this scavenges free radicals (anti - ageing) and as an astringent has the effect of toning the skin. We use a low concentration of an impeccable quality so you still derive the beauty benefits and the strength of the aroma of this delicious top note is still noticeable.

It features in our Velveteen Organic Facial Day Serum in Frankincense, Patchouli and Lime and our Fabacado Hand and Body Butter in Wild Spruce, Frankincense and Lime.

You'l find Clementine Essential Oil in our mouth watering Elevate Organic Body Oil in Immune and Mood Boosting Frankincense with Clementine. Clementine is reputed to combat adrenal fatigue and insomnia and boost spirits. It also boasts certain anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties and has been used to treat skin blemishes. 

Green Mandarin Essential Oil is one of the safest, most gentle and calming available. The oil itself has a delicious sharp green aroma and colour. We've married this with Pure Essential Oil of Hemp (Cannabis Flower) in our The Smoothie Combination Product for guys - an Organic Face + Beard Serum.

Unlocking your Innate Natural Beauty with me Kirsty of Zing Organics.

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