Cannabis Flower Extracts - Purity and Efficacy

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

We use only the purest Wild Crafted essential oil of Cannabis Flower in our Organic Skincare and home fragrancing products. Unlike many CBD products that incorporate derivatives from hybrids or peculiar extraction methods, the pure essential oil of cannabis flower we use is simply distilled at low pressure from the original ancient hemp plant harvested in Normandy. This may result in a product low in the compound CBD, yet it yields an huge array of naturally occurring beneficial compounds including a startlingly high percentage of myrcene, the stress, anxiety and pain relieving compound. In line with the rigorous lab assessments required for skincare, this ingredient has been meticulously screened to ensure any contaminants are at the minutest naturally occurring levels. Which @zingorganics cannabis flower essential oil product is your personal fave?


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