Autism and Aroma

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

It's now widely accepted that synthetic fragrances vaporising from wax melts and candles etc have a link with headaches, brain fog, asthma, cancer etc. What is not generally known is that inhaling synthetic fragrances can often cause a lot of discomfort for those on the autistic spectrum.

This is something that really strikes a chord with me, as I know myself how synthetic fragrances can make me feel really ill instantly - and affect my mood.

That's why I offer a free workshop for any child on the autistic spectrum + their parent/carer by arrangement to help show how to introduce natural botanical scents within the home. We'll find out which pure essential oils or blends the child likes, and show how to use drops of these on say a pillow or on a towel or in a bath etc and provide a wee bottle for the parent/carer to take away with them. This helps the child feel happy and comfortable in the home space and makes bedtime that much more appealing. 

And a child is a child at any age. If the child is more comfortable bringing a sibling along or a friend, that’s groovy. 👍

Drop me a message if we can help in this way.

Love Kirsty x



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