Joint pain and the natural alternative.

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

Oh my! As soon as the Autumn rains and winds arrive, we are reminded of the worst of the pains of our joints. 

Many of our customers find the Zing Organics Ah There! Organic Body Oil in Soothing Cannabis Flower with Bergamot and Rose Geranium helpful at easing joint pain. Whether it be arthritis or sporting recovery or injuries, this body oil which has mild numbing and warming properties seems to take the edge off things.

Try warming the oil before application by rubbing it between the palms for this type of ailment.

I myself use this product for stiffness and pain in the neck, and creaky hands and also find it useful on the hips before a Yin Yoga asana like pigeon pose where the hips are going to take a good stretch.

If you’re a massage therapist reading this, then yes, your clients will adore this glorious smelling oil in full body relaxation treatments. A 500 ml therapist size is available.  

Of course we can't make any specific therapeutic claims, but anecdotally the Ah There! combats pain and affords greater flexibility around the joints.

Check out some of the incredible testimonials at the product page for The Ah There! at the link below:


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