Ah There! or Happy Hippie?

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

It's sometimes quite difficult for a Zing newbie to make a decision on which cannabis flower infused body oil to use for a particular skin condition or health concern. Obviously everyone is entirely individual, yet there are clear patterns emerging as to where one is stronger over the other.

Both Body Oils are highly nourishing and we feel smell glorious.

The Happy Hippie is better suited to the drier skin conditions as it incorporates an unrefined Organic Apricot Kernel Oil which has a richer waxier and arguably more barrier protective effect. For eczema we'd suggest The Happy Hippie as your first choice as it is likely more potent in handing bacterial and fungal build ups due to the alchemic combination of pure essential oils. It's very popular and often the first choice for tackling psoriasis also.

For warming, numbing muscular and joint pain and scar healing we'd suggest the Ah There! Body Oil in Cannabis Flower with Bergamot and Rose Geranium. This oil is also popular for psoriasis and many use it for eczema too. As a potent anti inflammatory it is helpful for easing stings or allergies.

Both body Oils are available in tiny travel sizes and in the case of any full retail size products we will always exchange one product for another if the first isn't effective for the reason chosen. It's been a long while since we've been called on to do this, yet we remain very happy to do so.

Please seek a proper diagnosis from your medical professional. Any benefits of  our products stated are based on anecdotal feedback from customers rather than our asserting specific outcomes.

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