Cravings Candle in Coffee, Hemp (Cannabis Flower), Patchouli and Vanilla

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Inhaling Essential Oil of Coffee has been demonstrated to stave off cravings for drinking too much coffee. Some of us are inclined to over do it, and need something to ease those cravings. Furthermore inhaling Vanilla is considered helpful at tackling chocolate cravings, while Essential Oil of Hemp (Cannabis Flower) is reputed to ease cravings generally as a potent nervine.

All Botanical. Vegan. Pure Soy Wax infused with Pure Essential Oils of Organic Arabica Coffee, Cannabis Flower, Patchouli and Vanilla.

Some liken the aroma to a tiramisu (a rich chocolatey scent 😋.

Available in three sizes. -

Travel Size - 12 hour burn approx.

Medium Size - 20 hour burn approx.

Giant Size in Three Wick Presentation - 40 hours approx  

Presented in Apothecary Style Amber Glassware. Refills available at 20% off RRP in our Workshop or by Mail Order.

The Cannabis Flower Essential Oil we use is derived from Hemp as opposed to Marijuana and contains only trace amounts of THC's (the product can't make you high) and is legal in the United Kingdom.