Cravings Candle in Coffee, Hemp (Cannabis Flower), Patchouli and Vanilla

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I created this candle to help me combat cravings for drinking Coffee - it simply wasn't doing my health any good - not just the caffeine problem - a dramatic intolerance to some other aspect of it. This candle has helped me kick a very long term habit as smelling the essential oil of coffee vaporising has eased my desire to drink coffee! Further - inhaling Vanilla is considered helpful at tackling chocolate cravings and Essential Oil of Hemp (Cannabis Flower) is reputed to ease cravings generally.

All Botanical. Vegan. Pure Soy Wax infused with Pure Essential Oils of Organic Arabica Coffee, Cannabis Flower, Patchouli and Vanilla.

I'd liken the aroma as a combination between our The Big Chill Candle and a Tiramisu - Kirsty, Founder Zing Organics

Available in two sizes. -

Travel 12 hour burn approx

Medium Size 20 hour burn approx.

Presented in Apothecary Style Amber Glassware. Refills available at 20% off RRP in our Workshop or by Mail Order.