Safety and Precautions

Please read all safety labels and information leaflets carefully to ensure safety at all times and optimal performance and enjoyment of all our products.

All Zing products contain ingredients sourced entirely from nature and are completely devoid of toxic synthetic bases and fragrances etc. However all things from nature (like the sea) need to be treated with respect - read on.

Our products all contain essential oils many of which are not suitable in pregnancy, if breastfeeding, and with a number of health conditions. Seek advice from a medical professional or an experienced aromatherapist if unsure. 

Our view at Zing is that less is more. Using your products sparingly will still deliver a fabulous aromatic experience with extensive holistic and therapeutic benefits. Burn your candle for short periods - an hour or two is enough. A couple light applications of perfume is adequate to elevate your mood. If you're after home fragrancing products and perfumes etc that are 'bursting with scent' and instantly fill a space with aroma - Zing is possibly not the right product for you as this is generally only achievable if synthetics are being used in a product.

Our Aromachefery foodie seasoning collection should also be used sparingly to provide a veil of aroma rather than be used in high measures. The idea is subtle enhancement of dishes created using unadulterated simple quality ingredients. Our foodie products use all sustainable ingredients including carbon neutral solar extracted Scottish Sea Salt from the Isle of Skye. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any particular queries, as we want you to derive the ultimate enjoyment - safely, of all Zing products!