No Preservatives - No Problem!


At Zing we want your skin to not just feel okay but feel utterly fabulous.

It's my view that anhydrous (water free) products are absolutely the best for moisturising, nourishing and protecting the skin. This is because they work in harmony with the skin, particularly if the highest quality organic ingredients are used as is the case with Zing Organics. 

I believe resolutely that an effective anti ageing function can only be delivered by using water free formulae as described above that incorporate wax of some form or another to hold the moisturising oils/butters etc deep down in the skin layers. All Zing Organics Facial Serums, The Cleansing Masque the Body Oils and the Hand and Body Butter contain some form of Certified Organic wax be it Beeswax or Jojoba oil which is in fact a liquid wax.

Most skincare brands use water and oil emulsions as cleansers, moisturisers and body lotions. This type of product in my view cannot properly penetrate the upper layer of the skin to deliver an effective anti ageing function. A water and oil emulsion slithers around the surface of the skin and frankly you have to use considerably more of such a product as upwards of 70% of it is merely water. A water and oil emulsion also requires a preservative of one type or another and my experience is that generally preservatives are at best drying and to sensitive skin types often cause an allergic reaction. The beauty industry standard preservative used to be parabens. The consumer is more clued up now and knows that very many parabens have been shown to be carcinogenic, so they avoid this type of ingredient. However the key beauty industry preservative is now phenoxyethanol - the safety data document for this ingredient declares it has the potential to be a skin, eye and lung irritant. Many natural preservatives also dry and irritate sensitive skins. Industrial preservatives in their creation or disposal also have a negative knock on effect on our fragile eco system. So ensuring you use a synthetics free skincare brand is also a nod to respecting your environment.

So the next question that arises is 'Well if you don't use a preservative in your products, won't they go off? The answer is no. Our products are lab assessed for safety by cosmetic safety chemists and one of the key things they are very strict on is product stability. 'The product is anhydrous and does not support microbial growth under normal storage conditions.' Further ' In general an anhydrous product can be described as nominally stable for 30 months.' 

So in summary we consider our products are vastly safer, more effective, longer lasting and better for the environment than the vast majority of 'natural' skincare brand's products available on the market place.

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