Cannabis Flower (Hemp) Essential Oil Infused Organic Skincare and Home Fragrancing


Our Founder Kirsty first encountered Pure Essential Oil of Cannabis Flower over 23 years ago. She was attending a Thai Massage in the West End of Glasgow and the Therapist was burning the oil in water on a burner. He explained that inhaling it could help release pent up tension physically and emotionally to enhance the benefits of the massage. It worked! Not long afterwards Kirsty started to get repetitive strain injury and blended some of the essential oil in a carrier oil which she had massaged on her neck, back and shoulders, finding great relief physically and emotionally. 

'Cannabis Flower Essential Oil has quite bitter aroma on its own, so I started blending it with other sublime Pure Essential Oils to create a wonderful smelling range of All Botanical Aromatherapy Candles, Room Fragrance Diffuser/Pillow Drops, and also Organic Skincare products for sale. We've had very positive feedback from clients who've found relief from dry, irritated and skin impaired barrier function conditions including eczema and psoriasis in using our Ah There! Body Oil, Our Happy Hippie Body Oil, our Budding Beauty Facial Serum and our The Smoothie Beard + Facial Serum, with many finding it healing scars. Some find that they experience pain relief too - scroll down to see more on the naturally occurring compounds of the essential oil and their potential benefits.

We make no therapeutic claims in regard to our products, and any benefits as reported by our customers may be in part due to the synergistic effect of combining this sublime Pure Essential Oil with other Pure Essential Oils and indeed other base carrier oils and ingredients. 

Cannabis Flower Essential Oil contains only trace amounts of THC - the stuff that makes you high and is perfectly legal in the UK today for use and incorporation in room fragrancing and skincare products providing other legislation is observed as it is at Zing Organics. 


The Pure Essential Oil of Cannabis Flower which we use is Wild Crafted in pristine Normandy, France. We have a very long term relationship with our trusted supplier, and traceability is very important to us as many hemp derived products are finding their way into the country and being found to be adulterated. The oil that we use is high in CBD relative to many others on the market, however the percentage of this as a constituent relative to the whole product is still very low. The Terpenes contained in significantly higher proportion than in CBD products found in the Cannabis Flower essential oil that we use such as Myrcene, Terpinolene and Beta Carophyllene for instance may be just as significant in the way they might help than CBD. The media attention over CBD is neglecting the documented potential of other important compounds in the plant.

The key compounds in the Pure Essential Oil of Cannabis Flower that we use are listed below with concentrations given and potential benefits alongside information regarding their characteristic aromas.

Myrcene - 29% - Muscle Relaxant, Sleep Aid, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Antiseptic. Pungent Earthy Flora Aroma. Also found in Hops.
B Caryophyllene - 15% - Analgesic (Pain Relief), Anti Spasmodic, Anti Inflammatory, Antioxidant. Citrus Spicy Aroma. Also found in Black Pepper.
Terpinolene - 10% - Calming, Anti Bacterial, Anti Viral, Immune Boosting, Anti Fungal, Antioxidant.  Citrus Woods also found in Nutmeg.
Pinene - 10 % Anti Inflammatory. Eases Asthma - Bronchodilator. Anti Bacterial. Aids Memory. Earthy Pine Aroma. Also found in Pine Needles.
Humulene - 4% - Analgesic (Pain Relief), Appetite Suppressant, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial. Herbaceous Earthy Aroma - Also found in Basil.


None of our products are actually CBD Oils for Oral Consumption. The products we sell allow for inhalation of and/or dermal absorption of (via the skin) Pure Essential Oil of Cannabis Flower.

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Refills are available on all glassware products in our Open Door Workshop at Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll in the Scottish Highlands or by Mail Order.

Review of Budding Beauty Facial Serum in Hemp (Cannabis Buds), Bergamot and Rose Geranium.

'Budding Beauty is totally transformative skin care. Kirsty's blend of nourishing oils, collagen boosting marine extracts, and powerfully anti-inflammatory cannabis essential oil is genius! I struggle with extremely sensitive, dry, allergic skin and have been battling chronic eczema for all of my 46 years, leading me to use steroid cream to tackle redness and inflammation every couple of days. Now that I'm using Budding Beauty facial oil, I have reduced steroid cream use to once every couple of weeks! My skin is glowing, fine lines are disappearing, and I'm not sure I've ever looked better! I've used so many products over the years to try to help my difficult skin, including some crazily expensive marine based creams (you know the one!) none of which have done much to address any of my skin issues, so I am completely amazed and utterly delighted to have found Budding Beauty - THANK YOU KIRSTY!!' - Anna 

Date of last page update - 10/11/22. The information at this time is given in good faith and to our knowledge accurate and up to date. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information as required. Thank you.