DEVI - She Who is Shining Perfume

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'Oh God, it's gorgeous - so fresh!'- Sheena

'DEVI - She Who is Shining' Perfume Oil in Rosewood with Patchouli - a glorious Perfume to apply to Pulse, Temples or Chakra points to ease you into Meditation, Savasanah or simply to inhale from between the palms for a minute to allow you to reset and recharge during your busy day - and emerge glowing and gorgeous!

Aroma Notes: Spicy Rose - Deep Earthy - Truffles

Devi is Sanskrit for Goddess and translates as Heavenly, Exalted and Shining! 100% Botanically Sourced. 97% Certified Organic Ingredients. Vegan Friendly. Cruelty Free.


Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil - NUTS

Pure Essential Oil of Sustainable Rosewood

Pure Essential Oil of Organic Patchouli

Presented in Amber Glassware

12 ml measure - 300 drops - in 25 ml bottle

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