'The Big Chill' Room Fragrance/ Diffuser Drops/ Pillow Perfume in Cannabis (Hemp), Patchouli, Geranium and May Chang

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Place a drop of this evocative essential oil blend of Hemp (Cannabis Sativa), Patchouli, Geranium and May Chang in the water tray of your aromatherapy burner or onto the corner of your pillow before you retire for the night. You might add 5 drops into a running bath or even use one drop in the water compartment of your iron when planning to use steam mode for your ironing!

The concentration of Wild Crafted Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp) in the product is very high as many of our lovely customers have found great comfort from our aromatherapy candles incorporating this essential oil, but wanted something that had the potential to create an instant aroma and to perhaps be a little more effective when it came to easing anxiety and insomnia of an evening.


Pure Essential Oils of: -

Wild Harvested Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp) - France

Patchouli Leaf - Indonesia

Geranium Leaves and Flowers - Bulgaria

May Chang Fruit - Nepal or China

Origin of Pure Essential Oils may vary from time to time depending upon availability.

Aroma Notes

Top Note:     Citrus/Grassy/Marzipan 

Heart Note:  Powdery and Aromatic Rose

Base Note:   Deep Earthy Agrestic/Truffles

The HIGH CONCENTRATION of Cannabis (Hemp) Essential Oil means that the initial top note is quite bitter, a characteristic of the beneficial Terpenes in the Oil. We've tempered this with the addition of sherberty May Chang. However any bitterness/sharpness fades swiftly into a harmonious and beguiling aroma blend as the other essential oils find their way through. It is described by those that have sampled it as a beautiful perfume in it's own right.

We make no therapeutic claims with regard to our end products, however there are many documented benefits to the individual ingredients available on the internet.

For more information of the Pure Essential Oil of Cannabis Sativa L that we use, please click the link below.


Product contains only trace amounts of THC and will not induce a psychoactive 'high' and is perfectly legal within the UK. Many Hemp derived extracts are not legal in all countries. It is the individual's responsibility to ascertain the legality of hemp derived products in their own country.

Safety: Do not Consume. This is not a skincare product. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Keep away from Eyes, Children and Pets. Flammable:- Never place drops near an open flame or onto sauna coals. May stain light coloured clothing or bedding.  

12 ml. Approximately 300 drops.

24 ml. Approximately 600 drops.

Refills available in our Open Door Workshop in Tarbert, Loch Fyne or by Mail Order.