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Our Aromachefery Collection is a range of artisan Scottish Larder Staples created by hand lovingly for you in our workshop. The concept of using Pure Essential Oils for Seasonings to offer small safe seasoning measures is pretty much unique in the UK. Our Founder Kirsty one day finding herself short of a lemon in rural Argyll came up with the idea first of all to season her food with an infusion of essential oil of Lemon in Sea Salt.

Our Chef Sea Salts utilise carbon neutral solar extracted sea salt of Loch Snizort on the pristine Isle of Skye which we soften by hand using a mortle and pestle. We then in our unique method infuse the sea salt with pure Organic Essential Oils of an exquisite quality to deliver a range of fabulous vibrant aromas and flavours.You'll find yourself needing only a fraction of the salt you'd normally use to season your food. Use at the point of seasoning rather than in the body of the cooking.

Our Chef Oil Nectar Concentrates are infusions of Pure Organic Essential Oils in a Sustainable Scottish Rapeseed Oil Base. Use at the point of seasoning to add amazing flavours and aromas to any manner of savoury or sweet dishes. You'll need only a few drops per seasoning measure.

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Chef Sea Salt Concentrates
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Chef Oil Nectars
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