Work Space Well Being Spritzes

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Larger companies are doing everything they can these days to exercise a duty of care to their employees. Most industrial room and loo mists contain a number of chemicals which are strongly associated with an host of illnesses including cancer, asthma, lowered mood, low IQ and for the pregnant woman have implications which can negatively affect the development of a healthy foetus. That's why we're seeing a surge in demand for an all botanical holistic alternative.

As part of their service to offices, care homes, spas, hotels and private schools, Zing offers to analyse and decipher the MSDS (material safety data sheet) in respect of the fragrances presently used in any such fragranced products which the suppliers will have to hand and which they are obliged to disclose if this is asked of them. The reading of the results can often quite surprise HR/Managers responsible for choosing such products. Most are of petrochemical origin and very many contain a high proportion of phthalates, plasticisers since banned many years ago from infant's toys with good reason. Most room sprays do not purify the air, they actually build up layers of toxins on the walls and the same will accumulate in employees' systems as they are repeatedly exposed to these chemicals several times a day, often being sprayed on the head involuntarily as they go to the loo. Any analysis of current supplies are conducted naturally on an entirely confidential basis.

The Zing alternative is entirely botanically sourced mists in an host of pure essential oil aroma blends provided in bulk so a nominated officer can refill the smaller spritzing bottles as required. Full training is given on how the sprays are to be used depending upon the situation or room in question from loos to coffee rooms etc. Not only are these sprays entirely natural, they actually deliver therapeutic benefits from helping clear the respiratory airways to boosting mood and providing a powerful anti bacterial function. Zing Organics has an ongoing collaboration with The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow who have developed a series of purity testing protocols for our products and our product production. See FAQ page on our website for more information. We believe we're the only home/office fragrancing brand to take this important step; to have products independently tested for purity by a leading academic research facility.

The cost per spray or actuation works out at no more than 2 pence. Each litre supply delivers over 5,000 sprays. Discounts are available on orders for larger companies requiring more sizeable supplies at a time. The difference in cost per spray might be a great deal less than thought, and staff members/club members/residents etc comment swiftly on how much better the change makes them feel/feel nurtured and valued.

Bespoke aromas can be created upon request at a fee.

Each litre supply comes with two smaller spritzing bottles.

Ingredients: pure plant hydrolats and pure essential oils as stated in aroma blends. All blends are carefully composed to contain less than 1% naturally occurring pure essential oil allergens.

Energising: May Chang with Geranium. Lemon Citrus/Green Floral. Great for spas and as a linen mist for hotels and care homes.

Anti Bacterial: Eucalyptus with Rose. Camphoraceous/Sweet Woods/ Soft Floral. Good for loos and spas.

Study/Focus/Memory boost: Rosemary with Spearmint. Tea Green/Sweet Mint. Good for offices and schools.

Cheery: Uplifting Green Mandarin, Lemon and Blood Orange. Zesty Citrus Blend. Good for spas, offices, hotels and care homes.

When ordering please specify type/aroma required at checkout thank you. If you'd like free samples or a site visit please advise.