The Big Chill Room and Pillow Mist

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Ease yourself into a lazy Sunday with this euphoric aromatic Room and Pillow Mist. Essential oils of Cannabis Sativa L, Patchouli, Geranium and Lemongrass work their magic in a Geranium Hydrosol Base. 100% Botanically Sourced. Alcohol free. Non Pressurised container. 75 ml. 400 Spritzing Measures.

Synergistic and harmonious blend of essential oils. The Cannabis Sativa L essential oil we use is known to be deeply releasing and promote tranquillity, relieve stress and insomnia, alleviate asthma and allergies, boost morale, settle anxiety and it's been found to be hormone balancing too. Spritz this on your throw and wrap it around you as you settle onto the sofa for a tucky in afternoon. Spritz onto your yoga mat for Savasana or spritz once on your pillow before you settle in to snoozy land. This is such a compelling aroma blend that many say they simply can't live without it! This is one #habit that won't have the boys in blue after you as Essential Oil of Cannabis Sativa L is perfectly legal being virtually free of the THC's that create a high. (Only for sale within  the UK due to varying legislation in other countries regarding the sale of products containing CBD).

Refills available in our Studio Workshop at 60% of RRP.

Available separately: Print in matt finish of the botanical watercolour illustration of Cannabis Sativa L commissioned by us in the hand of local Tarbert artist. Size: 5.3 x 4 inches. Why not place in an up cycled frame from your local charity shop? Your Zen friends will love it!