The Big Chill Cannabis Candle

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Cannabis Sativa L essential oil (strictly hemp) is the legal alternative to marijuana as it contains virtually no THC's (psychoactive compounds which create a high) but still offers an wide host of benefits possibly associated with the CBD which is present at a high level in the essential oil we've sourced. Steam distilled from the plants grown in the wild (no chemicals) at high altitude in Canada, it intermingles delightfully in this blend with Patchouli, Geranium and Lemongrass. 40 hour burn time in huge classic glass votive presented in funky eco outer tube/ 30 hour burn in resealable glass jar. It's a costly oil hence the price point of the end product. The candles have had the equivalent of 100/60 Cannabis Sativa L flowers distilled in essential oil format. To describe the aroma - well it smells faintly of 'a joint' being smoked as you'd expect, but this blend is overall more akin to an huge creme brulee fragranced with freshly grated nutmeg! You can't eat this candle but you'll want to! (Only for sale within  the UK due to varying legislation in other countries regarding the sale of products containing CBD).

Here are a few of the documented benefits of Cannabis Sativa L essential oil: 

Creates a sense of tranquillity and peace

Relieves stress and insomnia.

Alleviates asthma, and allergies

Confidence Building. Combats anxiety and fear.

Hormone Balancing

Holistic - Releasing and Balancing

We make no therapeutic claims in regard to our product and any holistic benefits described are those attributed widely to the essential oils themselves.