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Our Sustainable Sub Box for July comes in the theme of Abundant Africa! Inside we're spoiling you with an array of holistic well being 'treasures' of Africa while at the same time making a contribution to re forestation via a women led initiative in Rwanda. If every ethical well being brand gives back even in a small way it all mounts up to a safer fairer planet.

Inside find -
1 x Limited Collection Candle in Glorious Moroccan Rose with Madagascan Ylang Ylang paired with Eucalyptus - a stunning melding of sumptuous uplifting heavy florals and a clearing minty herbal. The Moroccan Rose is Founder Kirsty's Favourite Rose Extract - An exquisite and lavish absolute of Rosa Centifolia. It presents a sophisticated aroma accord - many layers - in it's own right.
Presented in a tall clear glass jar without lid to save on excessive packaging wastage. If you need a lid please let us know. Approximate burn time - 25 hours. You may switch to any other similarly sized candle in our Well Being Collection if you desire. Please let us know in advance.

1 x Sacral Chakra Balancing Organic Perfume in Comforting Gastronomic Notes of Organic Madagascan Cardamom with Vanilla (Also Madagascar) and Pink Grapefruit. A balanced Sacral Chakra allows for enhanced enjoyment and pleasure in all aspects of life. This is the ultimate perfume of 'non self denial'. Savour every aspect of life! Try stroking a few drops over the forearms and allow the aroma to waft around as you go about your day. You may switch to any other Chakra Balancing Perfume of choice if you desire. Please let us know in advance.

1 x Tumble Stone of Jade of Africa. Jade is reputed to enhance your sense of belonging and stability and to help re energise yourself when you feel uncomfortable in your present life situation. Jade is considered helpful in aiding deep relaxation which accelerates healing at all levels. Try placing beside the base of your spine when reclining in Savasanah or retiring to bed for the night.

Lastly and very importantly we've paid for a tree to be planted on your behalf in Rwanda by the amazing organisation One Tree Planted. We've paid for one tree to be planted for each club member and a few extra to cover those that may join us this month. Even although Zing Organics is a small company, we still feel we have a duty to engage in creative CSR's - Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives that put something positive back. Small acorns and all that eh?

More on The Hugely Worthy Women-led farming coop community called Jyambere Munyarwanda Tree Planting Initiative in Rwanda below: -

At Zing Organics we use only ingredients in our products from non endangered sources. Outer packaging is all re used, recycled or recyclable. Zing products are all presented in  glassware jars or bottles - never plastic - recycled or otherwise. We have to act now to protect our fragile eco system. 
As a VIP Club Member, you'll receive a regular box/parcel of hand crafted all natural Zing Goodies specially curated by our Founder Kirsty to a minimum retail value of £45.00 for £29.50 per month. Shipping is free. Prices given for UK residents only. Regular payment of the monthly hamper fee is essential to be fair to all members concerned and given the perks on offer.

Your Second and subsequent month's subscription invoice will arrive approximately one Month from your initial joining date. Please look out for your invoice arriving by email. We will send a payment reminder within a week. If it's not paid we will may unsubscribe the member to allow another new member keen to join to be admitted. 

Your hamper will be prepared, ready and dispatched within 5 working days of us receiving your initial and subsequent months order and payment. Please allow 7 working days for your hamper to arrive.

Perks: As a Zing Lover's Club Member you will receive: -

1 . A personal discount code to enable you to redeem 25% against any additional items that you purchase either at the same time your hamper is dispatched or at other times of the month.

2. A personal discount code of 10% off all other products. 

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