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Hello! Welcome to our Sustainable Subscription Club product page!

Spaces to join each month are limited - if we're all full up we're happy to place your name on our waiting list.

We invite you to pay the first month as a one off - £29.50 - and thereafter we shall send a recurring monthly invoice of £29.50. Given the exceptional value and the perks on offer and to be fair to our long term subscribers, we regret that we do not resubscribe lapsed members. For the same reasons, we similarly are not able to offer any skipped month's payments.

Falling in love with YOU again!

For the month of January 2022 may I present you with a collection of pampering yummies giving you permission to fall in love with yourself again!

If you're anything like me, you'll be feeling a mite frazzled and depleted after a busy Christmas and a topsy turvy year at work.

It's time to put some love back into your own daily routine and I have you covered with the following luxury items:-

1 x Love you Forever Body Oil in Evocative Frangipani with Cedarwood and Patchouli. This potently fragranced Limited Collection item features a rare Frangipani - a 'shouldn't really be legal' heady floral - you'll be turning heads with this renowned aphrodisiac! I prefer to use this precious elixir lightly as a perfume on my neck or stroke it over the tips of my hair as an act of deep self care. Occasionally I'll put 5 drops into a hot bath at night time.  Travel size - 25 ml. 50 small pipette measurements. - You may swap this item over if you wish for any Organic Yogi's Chakra Balancing Perfume - 12 ml - or a Velveteen Facial Serum - 15 ml. 

1 x Well Being Candle in Mood Boosting Cheery not S.A.D. aroma blend of Green Mandarin with Geranium and Lavender - pure essential oils renowned to tackle depression and lowered moods during the shorter days- 25 hour burn time approx. Presented in tall glass jar - lid free to minimise packaging wastage. You may swap this item over if you wish for our Well Being Candle in Zen Master, Study, or Energising aroma blends. 

1 x Floral 'Cheery' Tea (Tisane). I've stuffed each biodegradable paper tea bag with my personal artisan blend of Organic Roman and German Chamomile Flowers with Organic Red Roses delicately infused with Organic Essential Oil of Rose Geranium. Florals are renowned to soothe frazzled nerves and boost the mood. A perfect and unique pick me up to set you up on the best 'first' foot for 2022! Infuse in a mug full of boiling water and add a tiny measure of honey, maple or agave syrup to sweeten if desired. 

I'm loving the thought of spoiling and nurturing you this month with some of my absolute personal faves.

Sending tons of love and hugs and the absolute best wishes for a fabby and healthy 2022. Lets stick together!

Kirsty xxx


At Zing Organics we use only ingredients in our products from non endangered sources. Outer packaging is all re used, recycled or recyclable. Zing products are all presented in  glassware jars or bottles - never plastic - recycled or otherwise. Refills are available at 25% off RRP on all products presented in glassware to club members. We have to act now to protect our natural habitats and fragile eco system.
As a VIP Club Member, you'll receive a regular box/parcel of hand crafted all natural Zing Goodies specially curated by our Founder Kirsty to a minimum retail value of £45.00 for £29.50 per month. Shipping is free. Prices given for UK residents only. 

Your hamper will be prepared, ready and dispatched within 5 working days of us receiving your initial and subsequent months' payment. 

Perks: As a Zing Lover's Club Member you will receive: -

1 . A personal discount code to enable you to redeem 25% against any additional individual items that you purchase either at the same time your hamper is dispatched or at other times of the month

2. A personal discount code of 10% off gift vouchers or e gift vouchers and workshops/therapies as available.

We look forward to welcoming you on board to our niche and exclusive member's subscription club!