Guys Spritzaromas - Room and Pillow Mists

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Instant Mood Boosters - 100% Botanically Sourced Aromatherapy mists incorporating aromas we know float his boat. Mist lightly into the room, onto linen and the pillows, the yoga mat, the car seat or even into the steam from the shower before stepping in. 

400 skooshes. The power of natural plants, flowers, resin and fruits packed into funky recyclable and refillable brushed aluminium spritzing bottle.

Botanical hydrosols infused with pure essential oils as stated. That's it! Alcohol free. Vegan friendly.  Trigger spray head and finer spray head are provided.

If you have other ideas of fragrances you'd like, give Kirsty a call or drop her an email on

Height: 150 mm x 40 mm diameter.