Spa Mists

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Generate some serious Spa Envy with this collection of ultra versatile Spa mists. All natural and alcohol free you'll find a hundred ways to use these during the day and night!

Contains only preservative free hydrosols infused with sublime essential oils as stated.

Spritz lightly onto your wooden sauna bench, onto your yoga blanket, into the mist from your shower, into your tumble drier a minute before you take your togs out, onto your car seat or even onto a hanky to sniff whilst travelling. Mood boosting and antibacterial, these will become a hand bag staple overnight. Currently selling these with finer spray head misters. Over 400 skooshes per bottle - that's a lot of Zing!

Refills available in our studio workshop at 60% of RRP.

Choose from Purifying Eucalyptus and Rose or Cheering Green Mandarin, Lemon and Blood Orange.

Stunning Photographic Gift Card Complete with up cycled Kraft Envelope available in Eucalyptus with Rose.