Candle Making Professional Level - Business in a Box.

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February 2018 - We have only four places left for this year.

We take 8 students per year so apologies if there may be a delay in scheduling your course.

You love natural candles and spend a small fortune on them and you'd like to be able to make your own for your own family and friends. But what if you want to take this one step further and learn to make and sell entirely botanically sourced eco aromatherapy candles as a business?

This course will enable you to learn all the delicate steps involved in making and selling entirely purist aromatherapy candles. Spend two days with Award Winning perfumer and chandler Kirsty Morrison at her workshop in glorious Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll. This one to one intensive is styled in a fashion that enables a total beginner to walk in the door one morning and walk away the next afternoon fully equipped with candles to take to market straight away. The course is split into 4 x 2.5 hour sessions and a lunch break out of the building both days is critical to allowing both parties to clear their thoughts, focus their attention and recharge their batteries, as there's a lot to take in.

We will provide an endless supply of fresh coffee or herbal teas and fresh fruit and chocolates. On the first evening we like to share a bottle of real fizz!

The initial session involves finding out about the student's target market and demographic so we can determine what style and price point of packaging will most appropriate for the new business concerned. You will be drawing on Kirsty's 18 years of experience in this field where she has had to learn everything the hard way and she won't have you wasting time and will help you avoid any likely pitfalls in production, packaging, branding and marketing.

You will learn all about blending essential oils to achieve new and unique aroma blends. Blending essential oils for candles is a discipline in itself and even leading aromatherapists will have to be guided as to what essential oils produce a scent throw in a candle, and what proportions should be used across the blend of essential oils. Master the basics of blending the categories of agrestic, balsamic, citrus, earthy, floral, herbal, marine, minty, spicy, woody.

All will be discovered about what type of containers, wicks and essential oils can be used. We'll cover how to make sure you purchase materials and equipment consistent with those Zing has had extensively purity tested along side learning how to handle materials to keep the end product as pure as it can possibly be.

All aspects of information that you might require to launch your own lucrative business will be laid bare and you can ask Kirsty any questions you have of any description.

We'll help you create 2 aroma blends in the one style of candle and you'll be walking off with 6 candles that you can take away, add your own brand labels to and start selling straight away! 

We'll share what we've learned regarding legislation including the CLP Act brought into being in 2015, trading standards, personal testing, lab testing, and specialist insurance. By our estimates only around 10% of 'natural' candle makers use truly purist ingredients, so you'll have a distinct marketing advantage before you even start selling! You'll be able to spot a 'phony' natural candle at several paces and explain to the consumer what makes your product stand apart from the others. 

The fee for the course will entitle you to a future refresher course of 2.5 hours at a date to suit you in our studio and you can contact Kirsty on an ongoing basis for help, advice and updates for as long as you need afterwards.

In addition to the candles that you will be taking away ready to sell we'll also put together a starter pack for you so you can start making more candles straight away as soon as you want to.

The starter pack will include the basic materials required to make a further 6 candles of your choosing in your own home. Kit includes glassware, wicks, wick adhesive pads, wax, essential oils, stirring spoon and your choice of essential oils.

Please contact us for dates. During busy periods there may be a few weeks delay in scheduling the course. This is an intensive personal course and it's not advisable to tie this in with a family break or holiday as there's masses to take in to make the most of the course.

Testimonials can be provided. All the lovely letters of thanks we receive emphasise how Kirsty's raw enthusiasm and willingness to share all she can has helped new ethical entrepreneurs on their journey.

Students come from all walks and stages of life each with different objectives.Some want to make and sell in their hotels and B&B's, some want products to sell in their own shops or at Craft Fairs. Some want to launch their own new brand.

This course would make the perfect gift for someone who's fed up with the rat race and wants to do something meaningful and wholesome with the rest of their life. Luxury Gift Voucher is available on request.

So what's stopping you? Feeling amaZING with Kirsty of Zing Organics.

What's not included: Transfers and accommodation and meals and drinks off the premises. We're happy to advise on transport links and make recommendations for accommodation.