Nurturing Pregnancy Candles

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As recommended in MOTHER AND BABY MAG! Zing brings you a collection of indulgent all botanical candles devised for each particular stage of pregnancy! 

Ingredients: Pure Sustainable Vegan friendly Soy Wax and only pure essential oils as stated. Funky Tin Presentation.

First Trimester Onwards: (Also suitable during Conception and Nursing): -  

                                Cheering Green Mandarin

Second Trimester:  Balancing Bourbon Geranium and Ginger

Third Trimester :     Soothing Lavender and Ylang Ylang

Labour:                   Joyful Focus: Rosemary and Ylang Ylang

The choice of aroma blends safe for you widens as your pregnancy develops so if you're let's say in your third trimester you can choose from the First, Second and Third Trimester Candles. We use a low level of concentration of pure essential oils to fragrance this collection for safety and because we know one's sense of smell is keener during pregnancy. The collection is also ultra low in allergenic components which occur in some essential oils.

Some ladies even buy the candles and leave them unlit by the side of the bed to deliver a faint but pleasing aroma to nurture body and soul. The lid can be popped back on anytime to preserve the aroma when you're away out. 

Height: 80 mm x Diameter: 75 mm.

Free from petrochemical wax, synthetic fragrance/fragrant/perfume oils, phthalates, dyes or vybars. See the FAQ page on our web site for more information on the extensive independent purity testing we've had conducted by Strathclyde University in Glasgow.