Nursery Room and Linen Mist

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Spritz lightly into the nursery room, onto the curtains or the rug to enjoy the most uplifting and soothing aromas.

We only use pure essential oils in a pure hydrosol base to fragrance this collection and we use only particular essential oils widely accepted to be safe around baby in low concentrations. The product has been devised to be ultra low in concentrations and in essential oil allergens.

Morning: Rose Geranium, Geranium and Green Mandarin.

Sleepy Time: Lavender with Camomile and Tangerine.

80 ml or 400 sprays..that's a lot of spritzing! 100% Botanically Sourced Ingredients. Presented in a reusable, recyclable and refillable aluminium spray bottle. Alcohol free. Non pressurised containers. and under 100 ml accordingly suitable for airline travel and for posting.

Formula is entirely free from Synthetics, Petrochemicals, SLS, Phthalates and Fragrance/Fragrant Oils. We use the costlier hydrosols which are free of preservatives.

Refills available in store at 60% of RRP.