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This is a Monthly VIP Club where you receive a regular box of Zing Goodies specially curated by our Founder Kirsty. Your Second and subsequent month's subscription invoice will arrive one Month from your initial joining date. An unsubscribe link is provided on each Monthly Invoice as we don't like to place an obligation on customers to keep going if circumstances change. However if two months pass without payment being made we will unsubscribe the member to allow a new paying member to join. Items are presented in pristine fashion inside, but we favour using pre used mailing boxes or packaging to be as respectful to the fragile eco system as possible.
Spaces for new members are very limited so it's a good idea to join at the start of the month.
The Peace and Love Hamper - for June
For the Month of June we're transporting you to mellow afternoons meditating with friends, under the canopy of the trees with a soft balmy summer breeze blowing.
An air of Nostalgia and Hippie Love pervades with stunning aromas of pure essential oils of Hemp (Cannabis) and Patchouli wafting through the air.
Find inside:
1 x Le Boudoir Candle in Cannabis (Hemp), Palmarosa and Patchouli. In your face grown up Smoky - Rosy - Agrestic Truffle like aromas. All three essential oils are reputed to be releasing and relaxing and are often used as Aphrodisiacs. Presented in Classic Amber Glassware - 20 hour burn time approx.
1 x The Happy Hippie Organic Body Oil in Harmonising Cannabis (Hemp), Patchouli, Geranium and May Chang. Travel size. 25 ml.  BRAND NEW PRODUCT!
1 x Ah There! Organic Body Oil in Soothing Hemp (Cannabis), Bergamot and Rose Geranium. Travel size. 25 ml.
Why not spoil a loved one with a massage with one of these handy travel size body oils?
1 x Beautiful Heart Shaped Stone found by Kirsty our Founder on the Beach by her home at Rhunahaorine, West Kintyre, Argyll. The stones have been hand picked by Kirsty on her morning walks on the beach, placed in a pottery bowl filled with sea water and cleansed by Sun and by Moon for that lovely Yin Yan effect on the banks of a fast flowing waterfall. Imagine these stones are some several millions of years of age and have been washed at sea incessantly for all this time! - with an open mind one might be staggered at the natural charge that they hold that might set one in mind for healing and positive changes/help achieving long sought after goals. Why not simply hold and gaze at one of these stones, breath deeply whilst inhaling the exquisite all botanical aromas from the candle and body oils provided?
Bringing you every wish for a Joyful, Peaceful and Loving month of June.
Love Kirsty x 
To keep our Club small, personal and manageable, we only presently welcome a very small number of new Members per month. If that quota has been reached we'll happily place you on our waiting list. 
Your hamper will be prepared, ready and dispatched within 5 working days of us receiving your initial and subsequent months order and payment. Please allow 7 working days for your hamper to arrive. We will notify you when your hamper has been dispatched each month in the same way as if you were placing a regular product order on line. For locals who collect their hampers we shall advise you when your hamper is ready! 

Perks: As a Zing Lover's Club Member you will receive: -

1 . A personal discount code to enable you to redeem 25% against any additional items that you purchase either at the same time your hamper is dispatched or at other times of the month.

2. A personal discount code for other products for a flat 10% off all workshops or courses. You may share this with friends.

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