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Sorry there are presently no places available in our Monthly VIP Club. Feel free to message us and we'll happily place your name on our waiting list.
This is a Monthly VIP Club where you receive a box of Zing Goodies specially curated by our Founder Kirsty. If you are a new member, we ask for a minimum 3 month commitment on your part. Your Second and subsequent month's subscription invoice will arrive approximately one Month from your initial joining date. When purchasing additional items using your personal discount code, please place a separate order as obviously the discount on the hamper itself can't apply.
Spaces for new members are very limited so it's a good idea to join at the start of the month.
For April the theme of the hamper is Step into Spring!
Inside find -
1 x Beautific Calm Facial Serum in Calming and Healing Blue Chamomile with Green Mandarin. 15 ml. The name reflects the undisputed beauty enhancing capacity of Chamomile and its soothing calming and healing properties. Chamomile is also probably the most highly regarded essential oil to tackle anxiety and nervous exhaustion upon inhalation. We use German (Blue) Chamomile so termed as it is in fact blue in colour! Sweet and Zingy Green Mandarin Essential oil balances out the faint herbal/bitter note of Chamomile and is also a gentle oil with calming and cheering properties. The serum may be used by day or night and is launched just in time for hay fever season to help tackle swelling and agitation caused by allergies.
Only 2 - 3 drops are required per application. The 15 ml standard retail size provided will last for approx 2 months if used twice a day.
We had teenagers in mind when devising this product too, as lots of Mums were looking to introduce their children to an holistic and organic skincare regime but keen to find something super gentle and to a younger person's 'nose'.
Ingredients: Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Olive Squalane, Eco Marine Algae Active Collagen Boosting Extract of Sustainably Harvested Cylindrotheca Fusiformis of Italy, Pure Organic Essential Oils of Blue Chamomile and Green Mandarin.
1 x Spa Light all botanical candle in Breathe Easy - a creamy and harmonious aroma blend of Eucalyptus with Lavender and Juniper - essential oils renowned to help keep the airways clear and for their anti bacterial properties. Approx burn time 8 hours. Presented in classic apothecary style amber glassware. 
1 x Spa Light all botanical candle in Summer Meadow - White Grapefruit with Geranium and May Chang - a mouth watering aroma blend of pure essential oils to put one in mind of you've guessed it - a walk through a  Summer Meadow. This is a light breezy and uplifting aroma blend. Aroma notes - Sherberty Citrus - Green Floral.
Approx burn time 8 hours. Presented in classic apothecary style amber glassware. For eco purposes lids are not provided. If you are planning to gift any of the candles let us know and we'll happily pop the lids in for you.
1 x Small Gemstone which Kirsty our Founder a Reiki Master of 10 years has charged with Reiki - 'to provide healing at all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually'. Pop it under your pillow as you sleep or place in a pocket or in your bra by day. Cleanse from time to time under running water or out doors by moonlight. This is your own gem stone so don't allow others to handle it for you. Kirsty will choose the gem stone she feels most drawn with you dear member in mind
To keep our Club small, personal and manageable, we only presently welcome a very small number of new Members per month. If that quota has been reached we'll happily place you on our waiting list. 
Your hamper will be prepared, ready and dispatched within 4 working days of us receiving your initial order and on a similar date for subsequent months. Please allow 7 working days for your hamper to arrive. Our system will notify you when your hamper has been dispatched each month in the same way as if you were placing a regular product order on line. For locals who collect their hampers we shall advise you when your hamper is ready! 

Perks: As a Zing Lover's Club Member you will receive: -

1. A personal discount code for other products for a flat 10% off all products workshops or therapies. You may share this with friends.

2. A 25% discount against any additional items that you purchase that can be dispatched at the same time as your monthly parcel.

3. A £10 discount that you can gift your friends and family against their first monthly subscription. Please contact us if you require this personal code.

You are not tied into a formal subscription as you are now invited to pay your invoice each month. However if you don't proceed we do reserve the right to admit a new member on our waiting list. Demand is high for membership of our VIP Club.

Feeling amaZING! with Kirsty Morrison of Zing Organics.