Hemp Chai Tea

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A scrumptious blend of CBD rich Hemp (Cannabis) Leaves grown in England on Organic Soil, Lavender Flowers, Rose Buds, True Cinnamon Quills all infused in Pure Organic Essential Oils of Black Pepper, Cardamom and Rose Geranium. 20 g. Presented in a apothecary style amber glass jar.

2 g per serving measure. Each measure of botanicals can be re brewed once again.

The herbal tisane blend is naturally caffeine and effectively calorie free and packed with botanicals/botanical extracts of the most sublime quality. The blend is naturally sweet so it is unlikely you will feel the need to add honey but by all means if you have a sweet tooth!

Instructions: Place an even mixture of two level teaspoonfuls per person into a herbal tea mug infuser. We use disposable natural coffee filters for a cleaner flavour with no traces of aromas from earlier brews or dishwasher tablets.

The therapeutic benefits of hemp derived CBD are discussed widely on the internet and whilst we make no specific therapeutic claims in regard to this product, the ingredients are very well known individually and in a synergistic blend to provide a calming and releasing effect generally and also act as a digestive aid. 

The Cannabis Sativa Leaves and Stems used are perfectly legal as they contain only negligible amounts of THC. They are cultivated under license in a Cooperative in the UK.