Distant Reiki

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DISTANT REIKI - Kirsty qualified as a Reiki Master in Glasgow in 2007.

Distant Reiki can be booked to allow Universal energy to work with you at a remote location, indeed you can 'receive' distant Reiki in any part of the globe. 

Reiki practitioners are attuned to channel the flow of Universal Energy/Chi/Prana to the client to clear blockages and balance the Chakras. Unless specified Kirsty recites 'God please bring XXXX (person) into the light through Reiki'. It is assumed that God or the Universe knows what needs to be done. Reiki will flow where it's needed at a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Kirsty will generally use a special crystal or gemstone during the distant Reiki Session.

Treatment time - non specified - entirely based on what Kirsty intuits is required at the time. She won't stop working for as long as she is guided to do so.

Clients will often report feeling 'waves of warmth' and entering a dream like state, and often achieve clarity or 'messages' about how to resolve problems or improve their quality of life. In distant Reiki, the feeling that energy is flowing may be delayed some 15 minutes or longer. It is important that if the Reiki is being sent live that the client has time and peace to themselves during the treatment and ideally for a few hours afterwards. Some clients feel invigorated and others very heavy and want to fall into a deep restful slumber straight after the treatment. You should be relaxed and reclining in a chair or lying down in loose comfortable clothing and in a warm environment where you won't be disturbed. Turn your mobile phone and other devices off to optimise the outcomes.

Whilst most clients feel an immediate improvement in symptoms, occasionally feelings of discomfort arise during or after the treatment as blockages are cleared.

You are likely to feel very thirsty in the hours that follow the treatment. We strongly advise drinking a good quantity of water on non caffeinated herbals teas in the hours to follow to aid detoxification.

You may be stuck at home in isolation but Reiki offer a sense of connected-ness - we are all one after all - most feel a genuine sense of harmony, relief and peace through their Reiki experience. 

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