Eastern Promise Solid Cologne - 100% Certified Organic Ingredients

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Sumptuous Solid Colognes in a choice of evocative aroma blends. Key notes from essential oils derived from the prized resins and spices traded in the fabled East and then for for one blend, a heady Earthy/Woody aroma evoking a desert camp fire.

Choose from

Spiritual - Frankincense and Sandalwood - Balsamic/Woody

Sensual - Cardamom, Rose Geranium and Black Pepper - Spicy/Heady Floral

Camp Fire - Cedarwood, Patchouli and Lime - Woody/Agrestic/Sweet Citrus

Hand poured into a stunning cobalt or cardinal purple glass jar encased in eco tube. 5 ml. Will last for many months of daily use.

Hand luggage friendly. Perfect for long haul, short haul or simply to freshen up on your daily commute.

Directions: Melt  a little cologne under the warmth of your fingertip and apply lightly to pulse points, the beard or the forearms for a delicious aroma that will captivate the senses by day and by night.

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Beeswax, Pure Organic Essential Oils as stated. That's it!

Refills are available in our Open Door Workshop or by Mail Order.

The little Eco tube is wonderful for storage or posting small items. The label peels off easily allowing the tube to be used in any number of ways. The lids are a snug fit to the tubes making them ideal for storing jewellery when travelling - never again will you leave a ring or cuff links behind in the Hotel! The kraft card tubes and the plastic lids are recyclable.