'Cheery' Floral Tea in Chamomile, Rose and Rose Geranium

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A blend of German Chamomile Flowers with Red Rose Petals delicately infused with Organic Essential Oil of Rose Geranium. Presented in gigantic 500 ml amber apothecary glass jar. The perfect 'I love me' essential or makes a stunning original gift for anyone keen to enhance their general well being.

Net Weight: 60 g. Provides approx 60 servings.

Instructions: Place two teaspoonfuls into a herbal tea infuser (we place unbleached coffee filters inside a cup), pour boiling water over the infuser or the coffee filter, infuse for 1 minute. Serve with or without honey or maple syrup to taste.

Vegan. Caffeine Free.

Kirsty - 'I've suffered from depression a few times in my life and it's a scary and lonely place. I wanted to embrace natural solutions rather than going down the pharmaceutical route. I'd tried St John's Wort Tincture which helped lift my mood but gave me dreadful constipation. I spoke with a friend, a herbalist David at the time who advised me that I should not underestimate the power of florals to help lift the mood. It was then I started blending florals for making herbal tisanes and I was staggered how much something so gentle helped me cope. I learned then that quality is everything. There are lots of herbal tea companies who spend most of their budget on fancy marketing and spin, but only use the cheapest dried, powdery herbs. I believe in using the full flower or petals when going for florals. Then infusing the flowers with a sublime essential oil of another revitalising and balancing floral adds an exquisite and unique aroma and flavour quite unlike anything you'll get out of a dried out tea bag made in a factory.'

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