Brighten Up Facial Mist

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Brighten Up! A stunning travel and security friendly facial mist in Lemon. Subtle but compelling aroma. All botanical. Presented in groovy apothecary style amber glass misting bottle.

75 ml. Approx 400 actuations or sprays.






Aroma notes: Lemon Citrus. Uplifting top note. Smells divine. Unisex.

You don't have to but why not keep in the fridge to keep your spritzing ultra cool?

Refills available in our studio workshop at 70% of RRP.

Do not step on a plane without one! Perfect for wiping kiddies' hands clean when there are no washing facilities to hand.

Ultra low in naturally occurring pure essential oil allergens.

Ingredients: Pure Hydrolat of Lemon. Derived from the distillation process as Essential Oil of Lemon is made. Emulsifier and preservative free.

The perfect gift for any traveller, executive, or good old Mummy and Daddy!