Beastie Blaster

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We West Coasties know a thing or two about how to keep midges and creepy crawlies at bay! 

Our Candles are free from dyes, synthetic 'fragrance/fragrant oils', phthalates and pesticides and have been extensively independently purity tested by The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at Strathclyde University.

They contain only sustainable soy wax and pure essential oils to fragrance the candles.

An innovative and useful gift for any traveller/camper or yachtie, or for anyone planning a trip to tropical climes.

Lemongrass and Sage - sherberty aroma in essential oils renowned to repel midges. Our best seller given our location on the West Coast of Scotland. 

Eucalyptus and Lavender - A good general insect deterrent and for us in Scotland particularly helpful for repelling wasps.

Both contain essential oils that repel ticks.

Let al fresco dining re commence!

All aroma blends are also fab at eliminating stale cooking odours naturally.

Presented in Classic Apothecary Style Amber Glassware - approximate burn time 20 hours.

Burn in a porch or conservatory area or if going outdoors, place in the area you'll be in for half an hour before venturing out to keep these blasted beasties at bay.

The term Beastie Blaster is whimsical and doesn't mean we aim to harm or destroy any insects etc. We use only botanically sourced ingredients, components that arise in nature. Most other insect deterrent candles are composed largely of petrochemical based paraffin wax, pesticides and synthetic petrochemical based fragrances which create toxic emissions perilous to the entire eco system including humans.

Many of our customers get quite dramatic allergic reactions to stings and bites and they feel using our products helps protect them from this risk and helps them enjoy a little bit of the outdoors more.

See the FAQ page on our website for more information regarding the ongoing relationship in regard to purity testing of our products by The Chemistry Clinic at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. We believe we're the only eco home fragrancing brand to take this important step to protect ourselves, our own families and our customers.